A Jolly Good Fellow: One-of-a-kind biodiesel scientist receives top recognition from peers

Posted on Mar 25, 2013

*Steve Howell becomes AOCS fellow*

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Members of the American Oil Chemists' Society have
laid top honors on Steve Howell, selecting him for the prestigious AOCS
Fellow Award.

Howell has served as the National Biodiesel Board's technical director
since shortly after NBB's inception in 1992, and is credited with helping
to navigate the nascent biodiesel industry through an obstacle course of
technical challenges.  Those include completing Health Effects testing,
establishing ASTM standards, and securing Original Equipment Manufacturer
approval, to name just a few.

"Thanks to the many technical accomplishments of Steve Howell, the U.S.
biodiesel industry is now a meaningful supplement to the nation's diesel
fuel supply," said Joe Jobe, CEO of the National Biodiesel Board.  The
industry is on track for its vision of 10x22 - making up 10 percent of the
overall U.S. diesel fuel supply by 2022 with a range of blends.  "I can
personally attest to his hard work, integrity, and very special talents.
He deserves this recognition."

A chemical engineer, Howell emerged from a career with Proctor & Gamble in
the early 1990s to pursue the potential of biodiesel as a renewable energy
source for the nation.  P&G was one of the first producers of biodiesel,
and Howell was at the vanguard of production technology.   Recognizing his
unique skills as a scientist, collaborator, and communicator, the National
Biodiesel Board recruited him to lead its national technical program.
Howell is also President of MARC-IV Consulting, Inc.

Formal conferral will happen at the Society's Annual Meeting in Montreal in
May. To be named a Fellow is one of the highest forms of recognition
conferred by AOCS, explained Mike Haas, a USDA researcher and Past
President of AOCS.

"It's also rare for a person who is not directly involved in research at a
university or a national lab, where they would generate a trail of
publications by which evaluators can assess impact, to be named an AOCS
Fellow," Haas said.  "In its history AOCS has named only about 85 people as
Fellows, and their names constitute some of the very best in the fats and
oils professions from around the globe.  Steve Howell deserves to be among

The AOCS motto is "Connecting the science of oil chemistry to our daily
lives," and that's something Jobe says Howell excels at.  "As a brilliant
scientist, he has an uncommon ability to communicate complex subjects to
individuals with the highest levels of knowledge and experience all the way
down to beginners," Jobe said.  "He's truly one-of-a-kind."

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*About the National Biodiesel Board
The National Biodiesel Board is the national trade association representing
America's first Advanced Biofuel. The group works to create sustainable
biodiesel industry growth through education, communication, governmental
affairs, technical and quality assurance programs. Serving as the
coordinating body for research and development in the US the National
Biodiesel Board is comprised of state, national, and international
feedstock and feedstock processor organizations, biodiesel suppliers, fuel
marketers and distributors, and technology providers.*

*About AOCS (American Oil Chemists' Society)
AOCS advances the science and technology of oils, fats, surfactants and
related materials, enriching the lives of people everywhere. For more than
100 years, AOCS has promoted the science and technology of lipids in the
fats and oils industry through analytical methods, proficiency testing,
peer-reviewed technical publishing, and in providing venues for technical
discussions and educational opportunities*