ASTM International Publishes New Grade of Biodiesel to Solve Intermittent Cold Weather Issues

Posted on Jan 31, 2013

After intense debate with ASTM and consensus building by ASTM Biodiesel Task Force Chairman Steve Howell of MARC-IV, ASTM International published a new grade of pure biodiesel in ASTM D6751 specifications for biodiesel (B100).  The new No. 1-B grade is designed to help eliminate relatively rare and sporadic instances of filter clogging with biodiesel blends in the US market.  The new No. 1-B specification adds a new maximum level of 0.4 wt % monoglycerides, which required development and approval of modified ASTM test methods as well as gaining consensus on the value of 0.4%.  The current specifications become the No. 2-B grade within D6751 without change.

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