Leading Industry Collaboration with Impact

Developing successful new products or industries requires a significant amount of quality input, buy-in, and feedback from all stakeholders.

Whether that’s a visioning exercise to determine the right path or leading a steering committee to execute a specific project, M4 can deliver the goods. In today’s tough economy of decreasing budgets and increased scrutiny on projects a premium have been placed on minimizing expensive mis-steps and maximizing timely results that can be achieved through developing consensus with key stakeholders to get it right the first time. M4 has demonstrated over the past two decades the ability to work with a broad universe of entities and personalities throughout the value chain to bring collaborative efforts to successful completion. We can facilitate consensus among diverse opinions; we can do this on an industry–wide basis or on specific company need and deliver a positive outcome that has lasting implications.

M4 led the effort to drive consensus on what is perhaps one of the most controversial and difficult tasks for any new product—securing industry accepted quality specifications for a commodity fuel (biodiesel). We have also led diverse project teams to accomplish specific goals such as development and execution of engine emissions testing to meet the EPA’s Health Effects registration requirements, economic modeling to quantify the outcome of increasing future biofuels volumes under the RFS2, extension of state policy in Illinois through working collaboratively with stakeholders in the state, approval of biodiesel in heating oil equipment & underground tanks, and approval by more than 75% of U.S. diesel engine makers in the U.S. for the use of B20.  We’ve even led efforts to work with state and federal regulators to increase biodiesel fuel quality in the US,

When you need to bring together a diverse group of people to map out a new course for your group or to corral your stakeholders to achieve a specific goal, M4 has the skills and proven track record that can help you get results that impact the bottom line.


“Steve Howell has an uncanny ability to work with a very diverse group of people and guide them to consensus on how to address some very difficult technical issues.  I’ve worked with Steve in his role as the lead technical advisor on the National Biodiesel Board’s Technical Committee and it’s amazing how many complex issues he has helped the board address—and with almost 100% consensus from the committee for everything we do.  We are truly fortunate that Mr. Howell has chosen to lend his considerable skills and talents to help the biodiesel industry and soybean farmers.”

-Greg Anderson, Past Chairman of the NBB Technical Committee, and NBB Farmer Representative of the Nebraska Soybean Board.